Setup and connection to VMs in Scale


So I have my new Scale setup running and want to set up and access a series of virtual machines.

I’ll be running a mint linux VM for games etc and a seperate Ubuntu install for Machine learning.

I can’t however seem to connect up to the VM’s directly like we used to before “Spice” came along.

What’s the easiest option when connecting from windows machines?



If you wanna remotely play games on your VM, the only option seems to be GPU passthrough, sunshine server and moonlight client.
For other stuff any flavor of VNC will do.

The main thing would be accessing the VM desktops to begin with.

I’ve a K80 in the server ready to be partitioned up and used for CUDA processing work, justr trying to find the best approach to access the VM’s from remote machines.

The web interface launched from the server is too slow and drops out all the time, I’d rather not have to run additional VNC type services within the VM itself if I can avoid it, as surely I can connect directly somehow to the Scale servers own presentation of the VM?

It was possible before the “Spice layer” was introduced I think…

I’ll look at those options for the game stuff…

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Have you found a solution yet? I am in the same boat, having unusable VMs because spice is pooping all the time.

It’s odd though,

Linux Mint uses the spice vm interface but Ubuntu server seems to still be using noVNC?

As a temporary fix I’m using sunrise as a streaming method and moonlight on the laptop to access things.

Still trying to get it running as a background service on the vm though, plus trying to get it looking as smooth as possible etc.

I’d rather just somehow directly connect the laptop client up to the truenas without having to run software within the vm itself though.

So far, sunrise seems pretty stable. As soon as I can get the CUDA card running in the server (Damn you custom gpu cabling! :slight_smile: ) then it should be better.


I might chuck in a separate P4 just to handle vm graphics whilst the slower but bigger card can do the number crunching……

Wish I could just force the vm’s to use noVNC….

Connecting from Windows to your VM, use virt-viewer

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