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Hello all

I have 2 truenas scale running well (they both run at the same time for backups)

The backups are all done and my drive lights are still flickering.

When placing a search on google for this topic and i only found a thread saying to look at the to right hand corner for this information.

I did that yet my drive are still spinning

In older truenas core days there was a menu item that would how all running processes.

Where can i find this functionality ?

I just want to make she that i can shut down (or restart) the servers without screwing things up more than i usually do

Thank you for your patience and help

Top right hand corner there is a Clipboard Icon that is called “Jobs”


If nothing is listed here as an active task then it means no replication jobs or other long running tasks are currently going on. You should be safe to shut down or restart. Of course this doesn’t track client activity, such as sharing being used, or Apps doing work. You can check Sharing → SMB/NFS and look at client sessions to see if anybody is actively using the shares. Apps you will have to refer to those software’s docs to check activity :slight_smile:

That said, drives tend to always be active, there are lots of system / SMART / ZFS things always going on behind the scenes. You should be able to shutdown safely while that is happening though.

Good luck!

How often do they flicker? If it looks like they are doing something then maybe they are.

What hard drive models do you have? Are any SMR type?
Do you have your System Dataset on the pool or on your boot drive?

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I’m running truenas scale as a vm on a proxmox server

They flicker as if they were doing something, what i do not know.

I boot from an ssd and all my media (data) are on 3.5 inch HGST drives.

ido not know what this is

SMR, Shingled Magnetic Recording. It is a way to put more data on a drive, however it requires a heavy amount of re-writing data. This kind of drive is not suitable for ZFS file system.

Here is a link for HGST/Seagate SMR drives. See where you drive falls, hopefully in the CMR category. If it’s SMR, It may be doing something, reorganizing the data. You can shut it down properly if desired.

Thank you @joeschmuck

Oldman? So am I

I will read up on it It may be beyond my capabilities however i have time to learn

I rebooted the server Proxmox and all the vms and now all is back to normal

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