Simultaneous S.M.A.R.T. Long and Short Test


does someone here know how a harddrive behaves if multiple S.M.A.R.T. tests are triggered in parallel, meaning e.g. if a Long test is running and a Short test is triggered while the Long test is still running, will the harddrive queue the Short test and execute it as soon as the Long test is done or will the harddrive report an error and ignore the second trigger? Or is the harddruve able to do both tests in parallel?

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Why not try it to find out?

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If a drive is running a SMART test and you issue a new SMART self-test command (Short, Long), the drive will toss you an error message telling you a test is already running. It will not queue up the second requested test. To run a second test you have to wait for the first one to complete, you cycle power on the drive, or issue -X to the drive telling it to abort the test in progress.

But you should give it a try, issue the commands and see how the drive reacts. It is a good way to learn things.

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