Since upgrading to Dragonfish boot-pool is read only / Need CheckMK agent

Hey guys

Since the upgrade to Dragonfish the boot-pool is set to read-only and I’m not able to install the CheckMK agent to /bin/.

Is this a bug or set for security reasons and If yes, I there a way to install the CheckMK agent in another way? Or temporary set to write, install the agent and make it again as read only?


It is by design, as TrueNAS is an appliance and you aren’t meant to be installing stuff directly into the OS. You can disable that protection following these instructions:

So the only way to monitor TrueNAS with CheckMK (or other tools which need an agent) is to use the developer mode?

Monitor = Necessary on productive environments
Developer Mode = Don’t use on productive environments


Or, I guess, use a monitoring tool that doesn’t required that a binary be installed as part of the OS. Installing binaries as part of the TrueNAS OS has never been supported or recommended, and I expect that if anything, it’s going to get more locked-down as time goes on.