Slot numbering on TRUENAS-MINI-3.0-X+

I got an error on one of the NAS drives. resilvering recovered the data then I ran a zpool clear as suggested by zpool status.

Device: /dev/ada0, 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors.

I am assuming the drive error will come back. It would be great if I could hot-swap the drive. how are the drive bays numbered so I can get the right disk?

In the WebGUI you go to
→ Sytem → View Enclosure
to see your enclosure.

But the drive bays are numbered in the typical fashion.

  • Starting from top to bottom
  • Starting from 0

So ada0 will be the top disk of TrueNAS mini.

It might have changed if you restarted since the alert was generated.

If you haven’t restarted and you’re on SCALE, go to Storage, Disks (upper right corner) and crosscheck the serial of the disk, the serial number won’t change between reboots.

Ah, thank you for the information. I’ve worked with larger TrueNAS arrays and never noticed that menu item.

You made my day better because I learned something.

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I had not rebooted. I try for 3-digit uptimes. :slight_smile: Thanks for the caution. I am on core, so I’m not too worried. Someday, I need to convert to scale. That will probably be when there is a config-preserving upgrade.