SMB folder empty until refresh

I’m using TrueNAS Scale 24.04.0. When accessing an SMB share with Windows, sometimes a folder is empty. Refreshing makes it work again. This is not only annoying, but causes problems with programs that directly access files on the share.

I can’t seem to reliably reproduce it, as it seems a bit random, but it feels like it happens more often when I haven’t accessed the share in a while.

I have one program that freaks out when it can’t access a file, and it will keep failing on multiple files in a row. Only after I manually access the share using Windows explorer will the program start to see the files.

I have three clients. Linux Mint doesn’t seem to have this problem, but Windows Server 2022 and Windows 10 do. I also have two TrueNASes, both running the same version, and both are having the same issue (with both Windows clients).

Is this your first install of Truenas, or did you update to Dragonfish ? Is this a new problem you have ?

Because I remember this problem from like 20 years ago. Always had to hammer the refresh button in windows networks.

Try setting up your network drive with its IP and not a netbios name.

Or, if only one client needs access, use iSCSI to directly attach a zvol as a “drive” to windows.

They are both upgrades from 23.10. It’s a new problem.

It happens both with a mapped network drive and just accessing the network using \\servername. It happens both with the hostname and the IP.

What I would probably try next is to do a fresh install on one of them and hope I can transfer most of the configuration and apps. But I’d like to avoid that if there’s a simpler fix to this.

The drive needs to be accessible by loads of clients as well as apps on the NAS. The number of clients already rule out iSCSI, but just out of curiosity, would apps still be able to access it?

When this happens, does Windows prompt you to enter a username/password when you “refresh” to connect to the shares?

* Saying “refresh” is a bit ambiguous, since it can mean different things.

If this is a new issue after upgrading to Dragonfish, could you please raise a bug ticket so we can investigate? You can use the Report a Bug link at the top of this page. After you submit the initial ticket, you’ll be prompted with a link to submit a debug file using our private upload service.

No new credentials. I just press F5, or in some other way re-open the folder, and it works as it should.

Did some more research and created a ticket. It seems to only affect this one folder (in both TrueNASes, as they are syncthinging everything between them). This folder combines two properties, that on their own exist elsewhere as well, but only this folder has both:

  • It is a soft link to another folder within the same share
  • It contains lots of files (about 3000)

The follow symlinks aux parameter is set to yes on this share.

The ticket was quickly closed, as they apparently don’t want to deal with symlinks. Any ideas other than going back to Cobia?