SMB / MacOS searchindex

is the an uptodate HowTo guide, how to setup an smb-Share with enabled searchindexing with elasticsearch?

I’ve set it up, but it looks like as the mac’s doesent use the searchindex

Waiting for a fix from ix.

A solution that works is FoxTrot by CTM. Host the indices on your home machine, have FoxTrot traverse / update as needed, enjoy wicked fast searches. I have never looked back.

Is there a Foxtrot solution that works for multiple clients?

I don’t have a way to test multiple clients but I have archives which I indexed with foxtrot and whose indices reside with the archive so whole thing stays portable.

For sensitive stuff it also makes sense to keep the index inside the encrypted archive / container to prevent leakage.

I’d have a look over at CTMDEV, their pricing page suggests multi-user setups. This is a classic use case for sVDEV, i.e. put your indices in a dataset that resides 100% in the sVDEV.

Thanks… I couldn’t see that Foxtrot could be run as a container and so not sure how it could be configured.

The index will likely have to be updated by one of the users. Though you could perhaps do it via a VM with a windows client of CTMDEV monitoring the pools and updating indices regularly?

Unless it’s explicitly supported it’s hard for one system to access an index while another updates it.

Apologies, I do not know how the system does it in a multi-user setting. You will have to ask CTMDEV.