SMB share not showing used space

first of all I’m aware that the problem has been discussed a couple of times in the past, but AFAIK the one propesed fix is not available anymore.

I’m using TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2 and my SMB network drive appears as empty in win10 file explorer, while in reality it is 30% filled right now.

In the past it was suggested to add ‘zfs_core:zfs_space_enabled = yes’ as an aux parameter to the smb-share, but that option got removed. Is there another way to get the used space?

Is this really relevant? It’s not like it’s a particularly meaningful measure of anything, given all the variables involved.

It absolutely is for me. Currently I’m migrating from an OMV-based NAS, because of the nicer web UI & ZFS, but not having a proper reprensentation in the file explorer (which you see much more frequently than the web-UI) is a downgrade.

In the web UI there is a disk usage graph, so it should be possible to have sth similar in the file explorer.


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But that doesn’t mean anything outside of a single simplistic scenario (the share has no quota and is the only thing on the server), you really want to report that all shares are using 1.48 TB each? What sense does that make?

Sure, it’s kind of weird that SMB shares, by default at least, show up as empty, but ultimately what matters is how much space is available.

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My SMB share does not even show up as a drive, so no nice bar below it. :thinking:

That’s normal. If you open a network location share from Network Location in Windows file manager be it a laptop, desktop, or Truenas share and select properties of the share it will show zero (0) for size. If you open the same share as a mapped drive the the properties will show used size and total pool size if you have no quotas set. I included what my Windows 11 laptop sees as far as share sizes. One file is to another laptop with a share listing under Network as zero in size, another is the Truenas server showing a Share as zero in size and a third is showing a share from Truenas server as a mapped drive and it shows the size as well as the pool size. This is accurate in representation as no quota is set. The same share reports as zero under Network. If you are concerned about running out of space set a quota on the share to limit the size to a maximum safe value.
laptop sizeScreenshot 2024-04-20 131605

share size1Screenshot 2024-04-20 131327

that would be great but for me it doesnt. Used size says 128kb instead of 1.8TB. So my question is, how do I get it to report the actual used space same as in your example.

Are you trying to get used space of nested datasets? These are distinct filesystems and so File Explorer doesn’t report on them. It’s the same behavior as if you mounted multiple NTFS filesystems within an SMB share on Windows. Do you really need to create multiple datasets within the SMB share?