Smb share not working to new users

hi all ,

hope your supports to re correct this issue. after the creation of dataset and grant the permissions to users (AD Connected) working fine but i add the new user to the existing dataset he or she didnt visible to the old data… hope youll quick response to the regarding matter…

Hi Vishwa, welcome to the forums.

Just want to get a little more clarification on this. You’ve got AD users attempting to access an SMB share and they are only able to view new data?

Are you changing permissions on the dataset, or adding the user to an AD group that has read permissions? If it’s the former (which sounds like a lot of overhead), are you applying the permissions recursively (and to child datasets, if required)?


thanks for the reply @essinghigh yes ! if i added new user to the existing dataset user didnt visible to the previous data on the dataset… i was alrady tick the "apply permissions recursively " but no any changes made !!