SMB share with hidden files and directories not visible


newbie on TrueNAS Scale looking for support.

I installed and set up a fresh Scale 24.04 with datsets and shares etc.
There are two Groups (admin 3000, ks 3001) and two Users (admin 3000, ks 4001) only.

I downloaded as admin into one of the SMB shares some files+directories via shell using rclone, and LSing that share I can see the downloaded files are there.

That share is accessuble too via Linux/Mac desktops, and I have read/write privileges on that SMB share, but the files I downloaded via CLI are not displayed.

i suspect some kinda of permissions issues; looks like the files I downloaded with one user (admin) into that SMB share are hidden to other user (ks).

Can someone provide some hints to drive me in the rigth direction to fix this?