Snmpv3 walk returns Unsupported security level

I’ve not seen this answered, I’m trying to use prometheus generator to get metrics from snmp v3 over to grafana.

I’m running prometheus-generator from Ubuntu, but have also tried it from Debian with the same results.

In an effort to resolve this I tried the forum, to no avail the old forum
trying to do an snmpwalk
snmpwalk -v3 -u <<user>> -l authPriv -a MD5 -A <<password>> -x AES -X <<password>> <<ip-address>>
to the device returns
snmpwalk: Unsupported security level

any help is appreciated

Try this:
Stop the SNMP service (important)
Recreate the user, and hit save
Restart the service.

And then use DES instead of AES for the privacy protocol on your command line “-x DES”

Let us know how that plays out. I think there’s a bug here – I’m setup with Privacy protocol set to AES, yet only DES works on my test setup.