Solar Flare-Related SMB-performance Question

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if the Solar storm this weekend affected anyone else’s TN performance? Specifically, whenever there appear to be time-related issues, TN Core seems to really suffer re: performance. My SMB process totally pegged one of the cores for the whole weekend, now it’s back in the sub-2% range while it completes a replication.

I have two CenterClick NTP-200s here in addition to three DS3231’s mounted to Raspberry Pis as higher-stratum NTP servers. So it’s entirely possible that the TXCOs on the Pis started to get into conflicts with the lower-stratum GPS units? Did anyone else notice similar issues and if so, how bad was it for your NAS?

The graphs on the NTP200’s suggest that all was well re: jitter, etc. but the NAS was slow as molasses.

Also, how come issues with the local time server have such a devastating impact on SMB performance? Is it locking up snapshot processes by bouncing back and forth, for example?

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You noticed that too! I thought it was just me however my TrueNAS CORE seemed to be supercharged, like it was on Red Bull, it had wings. But I did not notice the clock/time unfortunately. Next time we have a solar flair like that again, I’ll be sure to pay attention. Tell you what, it is a good thing for ECC RAM this past weekend. Normal computers likely did a little bit flipping.

But my system is back to it’s normal.

Yea you are probably being serious, me not so much. I actually didn’t notice anything, maybe due to my geographic location.

This is an interesting read. Geomagnetic Storm Affecting GPS Signals - May 2024 - Landmark Implement