Solution for SPICE unusablity?

Is there a way to replace SPICE with something else when using TrueNAS web GUI “Display” button? I would like to access VM display anywhere I can access TrueNAS web GUI from, but currently the SPICE makes it absolutely unusable. After about 5 secs the delay between keypress and it showing becomes about 15 seconds, the screen often freezes for 20 secs+, if tab looses focus keyboard/mouse stops working until tab is reloaded. Its just insane how bad it is.

I would want to avoid using SPICE installer just to access my VMs.
Can I somehow make Ubuntu auto-install with preinstalled VNC or equivalent, so when creating new VM I dont have to deal with SHITCE?

What I’m doing is building a base level vm and keeping a copy of that powered down as a separate vm. If I need another machine then I can just take a copy, rename bits etc and go from there…

I’d suggest ssh into the van and install sunrise from the cli, though getting it to autorun as a service would be needed….

It actually works in my browser, Brave, ok. Far better to use a Spice client though instead of a browser.

In theory you can use remote virt-manager to manage VMs on TrueNAS.

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May we get an explanation as to why noVNC is as removed from SCALE?

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Or, on Linux, remmina with the spice plugin. Super fast.

Completely agree. NoVNC worked flawlessly for years. I find that Spice disconnects the keyboard or mouse whenever it feels like, and forcing passwords is infuriating. At least make the passwords optional. Likewise give us a toggle between NoVNC and Spice… I appreciate it means they have to develop around two different viewers but at least one of them works reliably across platforms.

Probably not. This was asked repeatedly in the old forum but never answered. When noVNC was removed, users were completely surprised. It’s not even listed in the release notes anywhere, and I can find no mention or explanation on Jira either.

That being said, I have no issues using Spice with Chrome or Vivaldi browsers.