SOLVED: How to get networking working again after adding a bridge

If you added a bridge so you can access your NAS from a VM application, you can follow the instructions here to the letter and be mystified why nothing works: Accessing NAS From a VM | TrueNAS Documentation Hub

So here are the missing steps

  1. You’ll need to manually enter your default gateway and DNS servers in the Network>Global config. Before you got these via DHCP. No no more DHCP.
  2. You’ll need to set the new br0 network for the Apps in the Apps configuration
  3. You’ll need to set the new br0 network in each one of your VMs.

Ah yeah that’s probably an oversight in the documentation on the account that not many people are using DHCP to access their systems.

Also, possibly wrong here, but I thought apps listened on unless specified otherwise. That is the case for me at least and I don’t think I’ve ever changed it.

This is why the first part of my tutorial is to set a static ip :wink:

apps do listen on but apps are configured for a device to use.

IP address != device.

you nailed it :slight_smile:

who does your YouTube graphics?

my 14yo daughter :wink:

but the dragonfish picture is from IXSystems

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