[SOLVED - Sort of]Stuck copying data from SMB1 -> SMB2

Hi all,

Please bear with the long-ish explanation. I believe this is a rather odd issue (that I’m not even sure is caused by TrueNAS).

I recently acuired a few new HDDs. Set them up in an encrypted RAIDZ1 pool and created a dataset that is shared over SMB. On another SMB (Mirror, unencrypted) I have a handfull of files that needs to get copied to the new share.
Both datasets and shares have POSIX ACLs with the same preset used.

After mouting both SMBs on the same Kubuntu 23.10 client (as /mnt/Share1 and /mnt/Share2) with the same credentials from /etc/fstab, I then try to copy files from one SMB to another.

The result of this action is that the folders get copied but no files are copied. Dolphin (the filebrowser) is stuck and trying to cancel the action results in Dolphin crashing.

I am able to create, delete and modify files on both SMBs.
The mount in fstab looks like this:

// /mnt/Multimedia cifs auto,rw,user,exec,username=[user],password=hunter2,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

// /mnt/TempMultimedia cifs auto,rw,user,exec,username=[user],password=hunter2,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

Is this an ACL issue?
Is it due to the encryption on my new SMB share?
Or is it a Kubuntu or maybe a Dolphin issue?
Your insights a much appreciated!

I went on to install Ubuntu on a machine to test if Kubuntu and/or Dolphin was acting up. Turns out it does - copying files from the SMBs in Ubuntu 24.04 went just fine.