SOLVED: Use SSL wildcard on jails

Hi all,
i have a really “noob” question (don’t be too harsh on me :slight_smile: ).
Long story short: I don’t wanna “expose” my homenas, i have a dynamic ip, but i have free access to a domain and to his relative SSL Wildcard… so i pointed an A record to my local nas ip → installed the wildcard → and all work fine (until, obv, im in my local net).
Im mapping my jail’s IP too, with theyr own A record… but how i can use the same wildcard installed in “Certificates”?

What sort of application and specifically which web server is running inside that jail?

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Heimdall and nextcloud, both using Caddy

Copy the cerficate and key files somewhere inside the jail, I suggest /usr/local/etc/ssl or /usr/local/etc/certs or some such.

Then configure Caddy for custom SSL as outlined in this document:

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work like a charm, thanks for the tip!