Some help with NAS setup on my server

I have some limitation on my old server but need to set up my database. Se below options

Option 1:
All 8 Hard Drives as Individual RAID 0 Arrays
Create 8 RAID 0 Arrays on P410i: Each hard drive is configured as an individual RAID 0 array.
Manage all 8 Drives in TrueNAS: TrueNAS will see and manage each drive individually.
Create a RAID 0+1 Array in TrueNAS: You then configure a RAID 0+1 array in TrueNAS by using 4 of these drives.

Option 2:
Split into 2 RAID 0 arrays with 4 drives each
Create two RAID 0 arrays on the P410i: Configure two separate RAID 0 arrays, each with 4 drives.
Manage two arrays in TrueNAS: TrueNAS will see two large RAID 0 arrays instead of 8 individual drives.
Create a RAID 0+1 array in TrueNAS: Configure a RAID 0+1 array in TrueNAS using drives from these two arrays.

I am running TrueNas in Xen VM so I will be using passthrough, Option 2 is easier but dose redundancy work? p410i do not have support for JBOD.
Is there another option I am missing?

What you are proposing is generally not recommended

The following article details how to do it properly

Also, it details how to do it if you want to use virtual disks.

Additionally, this article discusses the difference between an HBA and a RAID controller

In otherwords, the recommended solution is to NOT use a RAID controller, ie the “p410i” and instead use an LSI derived HBA.

Thanks, unfortunately, HP DL360 with P410i does not support HBA either, so I am left with setting the disks in individual RAID 0, and I assume I need to remove the cache card.

Anyone done this?

While I personally have not, if you’re able to get it into IT mode you should. TrueNAS does not like RAID controllers, and for good reason.

EDIT: Apologies, see Stux’s reply below - skimmed through this on my phone and did not fully read the article.

You won’t be able to do anything that requires kernel patching.

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