Sound Cards on TrueNAS CORE

@kris Can you confirm the state of sound card drivers/comparability on CORE?

When I load stock FreeBSD liveCD on my system, I can ls /dev and see a sndstat file that, when opened, shows me a list of detected GPU (including HDMI) and there is a music0 device inside /dev.

But when I do the same command on the same system with CORE installed, I don’t get the sndstat or the music0 device.

I’m afraid to ask why you’d want sound devices on a NAS :slight_smile:

But to answer your question, we build with all the sound things disabled on CORE intentionally. I don’t know offhand if you can kldload them dynamically though. You may be able to do that.


Appreciate the response. I’m essentially trying to make a conference call (via linphone) in a desktop enabled jail, and stream the audio to an icecast server using butt (broadcast using this tool) but it is not detecting any inputs, and therefore can’t run.

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I’m assuming that if a device is passed through to a VM, then the VM will be responsible for all the above mentioned things, including sound support?

Yea, if you do a PCI passthrough of the entire device then the guest OS should pick it up and attach a driver. Your mileage may vary with this on CORE though. On SCALE its a bit better supported, and includes ability to do an individual USB pass-through in case you need to pass some USB sound device through that way as well.


I can’t comment on the linphone/icecast/butt use case, but (generally) care may be required with any application that consumes a detachable audio device.

Upstream sound: Implement asynchronous device detach · freebsd/freebsd-src@44e128f has been cherry-picked to stable/14 (with a view to 14.1-RELEASE) but not stable/13.


Understood. And thanks. Ubuntu VM works ok for now for what I’m doing, but I prefer jails. Can’t make GhostBSD work though. It needs an audio input. I started a thread about it.

FreeBSD Loopback Audio Virtual Device

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As it turns out, pulse audio works nicely inside a jail. One just needs the right combination of applications that support pulseaudio to do whatever one wants to do.

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