Split disk for show disk on webGUI

Hi everyone, I’m new to this world, I got to the pool configuration on the webgui, but it doesn’t detect any disk, I assume because I only have one disk and I haven’t created a partition, what can I do? I need a really basic guide

And you installed TrueNAS on that disk? As the installer (and the docs) tell you, the boot device is dedicated to that purpose and can’t be used for any other. You’ll need other drives to create a pool and store data.

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with partition?

Two-word replies aren’t very useful in communication; I really don’t have any idea what you’re asking here. But TrueNAS by and large expects to work with whole disks, not partitions.

If you installed truenas on a “big disk” get another small disk to use as a boot disk.

Reinstall to that.

Then use your big disk as a data disk.

BUT you do not have enough data disks to have redundancy, which means you are one disk failure away from losing all your data.

You should backup your data as a matter of course anyway.

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Really, what part of this isn’t clear?

It doesn’t actually say that you won’t be able to store data on the chosen drives…

It is implied by the “not available for use in the TrueNAS UI”, but not explicitly stated.

True, and I think that’s a change from earlier versions (the screen shot is from the SCALE Cobia installer; OP gave no indication of which version was being used). But if they aren’t “available for use in the TrueNAS UI,” how would you do that?

“But I installed TrueNAS on the drives. I wanted to use the drive as a NAS. I told it where the data destination should be, I even selected two drives for redundancy… where’s my storage?”