SSH connection dropping with MeshCentral only with certain servers

So I have multiple TrueNAS CORE servers set up, all with the latest CORE version. If anyone is familiar with Meshcentral, they will know it’s a central management solution.

I have added all my servers as local devices, SSH and everything works fine with all except one of my servers. This is my main server.

When I connect via SSH, the connection will reset at about 40-50 seconds every single time. All my other servers connect and stay connected just fine. I have tried via IP and hostname to no avail.

I can SSH from anywhere else to this server and have no issues at all.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
There is nothing special about the main server vs all the others.

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MIght help? centos - SSH: connection reset after idle for some time - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

It’s strange because it works perfectly fine FROM all other devices and TO all other servers. It’s just that one server that I giving trouble. If it was NAT then I’d expect everything else to also give issues.

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Literally just went through all the settings concerning SSH in both my main, and backup servers. Everything is identical. What a weird issue.

Could anything on the TrueNAS side cut an SSH connection short?

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