Static IP assignment on a LAG interface

Good afternoon, Forum
I have a SCALE NAS built and fed with 4x1GE interfaces (since I have that option, for redundancy and data rate increase). I was trying to find a way to assign a static IP to the LACP-based link aggregation interface (LAG) but I cannot find it in the shell menu or in the GUI. The method of applying an Alias does not seem to be available for LAG interfaces. Is that expected to be added / exposed at some point of time?

Are you sure it isn’t there in the console menu? Because I’m seeing it: create the interface, call it bond0 (or whatever other number you prefer), assign the various interfaces to it. Then menu option 1, “Configure network interfaces”, select bond0, enter the alias in CIDR notation (e.g.,

Thank you, so the “aliases” in the menu are really IP addresses, not textual aliases or some sort. I must admit that the name of this is pretty confusing. This is the only system I have interacted with that uses a brand new name for an IP address.



I agree.

I’m kind of assuming there’s an upstream reason for this, but I admit I don’t know what it is.