Static IP for Apps from catalogue?

I’ve figured out how to set static IP addresses for custom apps on TrueNAS SCALE, but I need to be able to set static IPs for apps from the Discovery catalogue.
Is there any way of doing so? I found it easy to do back on TrueNAS Core, but I haven’t figured out how to do the same thing on SCALE yet.
I am running a motherboard with two built-in 1GbE ports, and I can install another network card if needed.

Are you referring to Truecharts? Or the IX community apps?

My server has a static IP address which I take advantage of but I haven’t seen the need to have a static IP on the application server because they’ve never changed on me. Is this a problem that you’ve run into recently?

All I’ve ever needed is the static IP address for the server and the port number that the application happens to be using.

I use static IPs to separate my public services from my local services.

OK, so it looks like you want a specific application to use a specific network interface card on the host correct?

I’ve been trying to learn not so successfully thus far how to take advantage of the nginx proxy manager. That might be an app that would be useful to you. I can’t say for certain because I don’t fully understand it yet.

I’m not the OP (original poster) though.

Sorry I replied to you by accident rather than the original poster. They should see the post anyway hopefully.