Static Truecharts App and datasets?

Good afternoon everyone

I have been adding a few new apps to my server via Truecharts/Truenas and one of the apps is called Static “A self-hosted static file serving app which does nothing more than just serve up static files from a mounted volume.”

Using this app i am in the process of creating a static homepage/website for my home network (Static can parse HTML files) that all web browser enabled devices will automatically load when a browser opens. I currently use Homarr as a homepage but with static and the knowledge i have of web design i am creating myself something much more rich with features for my needs with multiple pages.

Anyway the page/creation is going well and i have a page created for downloading operating system iso’s from my server but i need a little help in file linking/downloading. With Static you choose a location to install it then the chosen location you just browse, drop your files in and the web browser sees them when you go to the Static url. With web pages you just point to the static url and add /filename.html at the end and link in the html document to any files you want contained in the Static install folder.

Quick question?

How do i link to files on my server that are not contained in the Static dataset IE


With the Static’s install folder it’s as simple as just pointing to a file contained in it IE /images/fb.svg and it will show it fine. I have added the Operating_Systems dataset to additional app storage under the Static config but when i add a url for downloading an iso IE


It just says “file wasn’t available on the website”

1 - Can you access data on different volumes/datasets and point to them in html pages?
2 - does it have to be mounted in additional app storage first for the html page to get access to the content of volumes or datasets.
3 - Do i have to give any additional privileges for it to see the files?

Here is a couple of images of my creation so far (will change as and when i update it)

Thanks everyone

I suspect the answer is “you don’t”

If you want to serve the files from “static” then you will need to mount the dataset into static, eg as a sub directory of the site called isos

The other alternative might be to use an SMB type url.