Step by step tutorial for new NAS Build


I am complete newbie and I was looking to buy a NAS for my personal use. I then came across TruNAS and foudn this to be more versatile and low cost solution rather than buying a readymade NAA product.

Can I get any step by step tutorial for building a nas server using TruNAS?
Where do I get started?
List of parts that I would need to build the NAS.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

And the getting started section for either scale or core:

This list of links would be a good starting point to get a general idea.

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Don’t be too sure it will be cheaper to build your own with components…trust me!

What is your time worth?

You may just be better off buying a Mini series from iXsystems…I am considering it after the grief I have been through with building my own.

As far as the actual building is concerned, I’m not aware of any such guide, but there really wouldn’t be anything unique about it compared to building any other computer. If you aren’t comfortable with that, you may want to consider buying an existing server or NAS and using it instead. While it’s a work in progress at the moment, Fester’s Guide (link in my .sig) has a lot of good information on hardware selection as well.

We really can’t answer this without knowing your needs from the system. We can give you the basics–you need a chassis, a power supply, a motherboard, CPU, RAM, drives, etc.–but I’m sure (or I hope) you already know that. How much storage do you need? How many clients do you expect to have? What (if anything) else do you expect to do with the system?

Hi, some months ago i faced to build my homenas after view a lots of video (and read some article) where people explain how do this recycling old consumer PC, but trust me… They omit a lot of info.
I dont wanna say is not possible, at the end i reach somehow my goal, but trust me dont think will be low cost