SUGGESTION: Don't use "folder" icons for datasets

Added a comment to the ticket with references to @damian’s post. :+1:


I dont like the “windows” icon for datasets.

I also don’t like the “ZVol Folder” icon for datasets :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a folder with a hierarchy on it…

This one I don’t mind and I think makes a bit of sense.

After all you know what you have in these filing cabinets… Manila folders. And you know what the icon for directories is…


This would not be a major documentation fix as we use snippets and reuse images in multiple documents. :grinning:


Agree to the dataset - the folder should be an outline like in @winnielinnie’s proposal, though. These two in your picture do not match very well.


FYI, there are two different places where icons show datasets/directories. One is on the Datasets screen in the datasets tree, the other is in the file explorer/picker found in data protection tasks like Rsync Tasks, etc. At present in the latter, the solid folder represents the dataset and the outlined folder a directory. The dataset tree table also shows other icons for zvols, shares, apps, roles, etc that do not appear in other places in the UI.

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These two in your picture do not match very well.

Correct. We’ve made a variant that is a fill instead of an outline. We will standardize on those since we tend not to use the outline variants of icons


I’m not sure that smb shares shouldn’t be obvious…

Apologies, I missed this comment earlier. You’re right. However this does not need to be done via the icon necessarily. We have another approach planned to deal with that.

Why would you use a cupcake to represent storage? :upside_down_face:

Seriously though, you could fix the Dataset icon issue of looking like a particular companies logo by inserting nine squares rather than four (three by three)… or perhaps three spaced vertical lines.