Support plans related to RoCE in storage protocols (iSER, NVMe-oF, SMB Direct, NFSoRDMA)

The premise of all this is that there is a supported NIC and rdma-core in the system

iSER: This should be the simplest. You only need to enable the iSER function in the relevant components. You only need to add a switch in the webui to control whether to enable iSER.

NVMe-oF: The minimum support requires adding nvmet-rdma. NVMe-oF support is also missing in the webui, but it is very similar to iSCSI. (In the current market, NVMe-oF supports RoCE by default, so it is meaningless to talk about NVMe-oF that does not support RoCE)

SMB Direct: Obviously it depends on samba…

NFSoRDMA: This is similar to the iSER situation. Only one RDMA port needs to be added after the supported NIC and rdma-core exist in the system.


Is this a job application? :grin:
Seriously, if you know how to do this and test it, we’d love your contribution.

Still have an open FR for a similar request if anyone wants to track (the non existing) progress. Ideally a paying customer would say they have a use case for this;)

I’m interested in hearing real use-cases where there is real economic or application benefit of these technologies. Please describe them here or in the NAS ticket.

This will help decide the priority and sequence.