Swap Partition for improved performance

I have read a few posts on this and I am reading through the installation docs but just wanted clarification before I start the install of Scale.

If I will be using a 256GB NVMe for my boot drive would you enable this? I know its a bit of a waste using this size of drive but do not have anything smaller.

I also have some questions about the storage pools and best practice, I have 4 x 4tb drives (6 bay nas) so I can add a couple later.
I also want to run Home Assistant and maybe Plex etc if possible.


I did on my 128 GB boot device. Though the current SCALE version doesn’t use it.

I have read somewhere that having the SWAP partition on a SSD/NVMe is a bad idea as it will use up a lot of life from that device. Spinning rust is the better option.

With that said, I’m running a full NVMe system so my SWAP is also on a NVMe drive, well across several.

My only note of caution is to watch your drive statistics for Wear Level, make sure it isn’t falling fast. The good thing about the 256GB NVMe is there will be a lot of reserve space the drive can use to replace failing blocks.

Just letting you know of a possible issue, not trying to scare you off from it at all. If it lasts 3 years, what will be the cost of a 256GB NVMe in 3 years, assuming they make them that small still. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: