Swapping all drives w/o losing apps?

Hi there. So as many of these posts start: “I am new to home servers” but please don’t brush me off yet :slight_smile:I want to swap 4-1TB (all) drives for 4-8tb drives without losing my APP Configs. Currently my apps are saved to my main raid which is Stripped. I set it up this way cause it was more of a “test” scenario and I wanted max available data storage. The new config will be RaidZ but that besides the point. I think I learned my lesson here :woozy_face:

Looking in the app config all the apps are saved to my “data pool” which is my HDD raid. I want to create a new Data set on my SSD which holds the OS and move the config files over. I know WHAT needs to be done ( I think) I just not HOW to do it. Can someone line out the steps to do this? Or if there is another way to save my apps and configs. I only have 10 but I really don’t want to redo all this. TYIA. As far as the actual CONTENT on the raid I am going to transfer it temporarily to another drive So far it’s just movies/tv. TYIA.

So you have a stripe and you want to convert this to a RAIDZ? but with new disks.

Do you have enough SATA ports to add the new disks, create a new pool and then replicate from the old to the new pool?

Post your hardware please

Yes its Stripe and with the new disks I want to run RaidZ with new drives. Ahh I should have included that. I have 3 Sata ports available and 1 power connector. This is not a modular PSU and I only have one space left for power. Currently 5 ports are taken by one SSD and my 4 HDDs.

Well you can set up a new pool with 3 disks as a degraded 4 disk Z? pool and replicate the data across - then export the old pool, then remove the disks and finally add a disk to the Z? pool.

However the fine details will depend on how things are setup - so you will need tgo be careful

That may be the way to go but I’d have to upgrade my PSU. I do not have enough power connectors available to get 3 going. just one.

Then add a single disk pool, replicate to that. Then remove the old pool, install and configure new disks / new pool and replicate back.

Note that (and I haven’t tried this) moving the ix-applications dataset is done through the GUI and not through the replication process

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