Switch Configuration


I have recently upgraded my network and acquired a 25GbE switch from Mikrotik. I also implemented a firewall in between and instead of buying a new switch for the firewall, I’m using my existing old switch (10GbE), that’s also from Mikrotik. As it consumes roughly 60W, it made more sense to keep using that instead of buying a new switch.

However, on this Base-T switch, I want to connect a few other systems to allow 10GbE on the secondary ones. Now, my question is how do I combine these two different switches? Is that possible? Or would I need two similar switches to bond together to act as one?


Some switches allow “stacking”, where you can connect two or more switches together in such a way that they act as a single switch. My Dell 5524s supported this, as does my Brocade ICX6610-48P. If your Mikrotiks support this, it will be described in their documentation.

If not, run a network cable from one to the other, the same way you’d connect any two switches together. That cable, and the network ports on each end it’s connected to, will be a bottleneck for communications between devices plugged into the one switch and devices plugged into the other.

I’m not very sure but i didn’t find any information regarding stacking in Mikrotik switches in their documentation.

What do you mean by bottleneck in terms of communication? Would both the switches perform slow? Is that what you mean?