Symbolic link /var/log/ to other drive

Good morning!

I recently upgraded the NAS server to supermicro storage server with TrueNAS SCALE 23.10. The server has mirrored two SATADOMs (64GB) as a boot drive.

I was advised by the supermicro reseller that supermicro no longer recommends SATADOM for a boot drive because SATADOM quickly reaches the write limit of the drive. I expect many log writes from samba access data, so I am thinking about symbolic linking /var/log to other drive such as a SSD with large capacity.

I am aware that that iX Systems recommends only WEB UI interface. So, I am wondering this is good idea or not.

My plan to symbolic link /var/log to other drive

  1. Create a pool with single SSD (/mnt/misc) and dataset log (/mnt/misc/log)
  2. stop services
  3. move /var/log to /mnt/misc/log/
  4. remove /var/log
  5. symbolic link /var/log/ to the /mnt/misc/log/

Do you think this is good idea? or Should I chage boot drives with large capacity?

Thank you very much for your advice and opinion.

Normal is to change to standard boot drives…


Hi Captain_Morgan,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
I will reinstall truenas into normal SSDs rather than SATADOMs… :smiling_face_with_tear: