Sync 2 truenas core servers in separate locations

I have 2 truenas servers in 2 separate locations/networks.
how can I connect both together to run sync between each other?
is there a way to setup openvpn server on one end and connect client as other end to put both in the same subnet?
or wireguard/other options?

Many ways, but yes, if you need to cross the internet the best way is to set up a VPN or WireGuard (faster) and then set the appropriate access on each side to access each other.

First question - what type of router / firewall is at each location? Is it just your local ISP’s device or do you have something like an Asus or TP-Link or something else?

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Also, the best way is to transfer data from one truenas to another is generally to replicate, but that does not synchronize.

So what do you actually mean by “sync”

asus routers running asus merlin with openvpn/wireguard enabled on both side. I can setup the routing policies and set both NAS’ in the same vlan, but wanted to know if I can do it directly from truenas side.

what I want to achieve is to ensure data on both servers is the same (2 different location, 2 different sets of data used by 2 different teams).
the idea is that each truenas serves NAS-services locally and provides backup storage for each other