Syncthing won't update: path contains existing data

I am attempting to update the Syncthing app (Truenas official version) but I am met with the error below. I am worried it might be related to how I set up my sync folder, and would like to be sure I am not deleting anything in the process. Is that a possible outcome?

If not, where should I add the “force” argument that the error is suggesting?

Thanks in advance.

**Error:** [EINVAL] chart_release_create.syncthingStorage.additionalStorages.0.hostPathConfig.acl: /mnt/HomeTank/MainTank/sync: path contains existing data and force was not specified

Its probably in the Syncthing webUI…

If you sync one dataset to another and it already has data… it requires some level of OK/force.

Seems like it was just a matter of enabling the “Force Flag” under ACL options of syncthing, probably a result of original setup mistakes on my part but that did the trick.

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