System Backup

I just made a fresh installation of TrueNAS Scale and I’d like to back it up and I’m thinking of using RescuZilla. Does anyone else have a suggestion of how to backup the system with all its configurations?

I’m not a scale user but this might be enough to get you started:

I’m guessing you primarily are looking for the “Backing Up the System Configuration” section.

I installed TrueNAS Scale on a 128 Gb SSD and I want to backup (or maybe clone) the SSD. So far only the system is on it and nothing else. I’d clone it, but I prefer the backup to be in a single file that can be recovered.

I’d suggest you’re thinking about this the wrong way. Think of TrueNAS like a router or a smartphone or tablet. You don’t back up the storage the device uses. You back up the configuration itself because it’s all self-contained.

When you need to restore/recover, you just need (compatible) installation media and the backup file.

I think that I see your point. I should backup the configuration so that I can re-use it on another fresh installation as I need it. Thanks.

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You got it!

Things may be a bit more complicated in the days of encryption, but backing up the TrueNAS db file is the most important part. You can do it in the WebUI.