System dataset location in virtualized TrueNAS Scale

Dear All,

I am running TrueNAS in Proxmox VM with passed through HBA and all attached disks.
My truenas has 2 pools: SSD (mirror) and HDD (2x mirror with optane SLOG and mirrored Metadata vdevs).

So I have 3 options to put system dataset in: Truenas VM virtual boot disk, HDD pool or SSD pool.

I am tempted to put it on PVE virtual disk, so it is backed up with other vm’s to a separate machine. But if my main proxmox server will fail, it would be easier to have system dataset on any data pool and simply attach disks and import pools on any other system.

What would be good practice for such virtualized system?

System dataset not on the boot media is probably the best course of action here - your HDD-based pool is probably fine - as well as taking regular configuration backups, of course :slight_smile:

Keeping it decoupled from the virtual PVE boot device would let you basically “forklift” the HBA and attached disks over to another system in case of a host failure, reinstall the same version of TrueNAS, and import your config file.

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