System no longer automatically boots into TrueNAS

After rebooting or powering on after a shutdown, TrueNAS no longer chooses a boot environment automatically. I now have to hook up a monitor and keyboard to manually select the version of TrueNAS I want to boot into.

I’ve been on for a while now and I have rebooted it in the past, but I didn’t have to touch it. It would automatically boot into

This started after a power outage. I have the system configured to shutdown after 10 minutes of being on battery power. The power was out for longer than 10 minutes, so the system shutdown. After the power returned, I powered on the system. After waiting about 20 minutes, I still couldn’t ping it. Hooking a monitor up to it showed the screen above. Now this shows every time it boots.

Anyone have any ideas?

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It appears with a recent update that the video monitor has to be installed or Grub stalls out. I don’t think you are the only one with the problem. (But with the forum change, I don’t want to bother searching the old forum for similar problems…)

Does the TrueNAS SCALE server reboot without action, when a monitor and keyboard is attached?

Perhaps a video simulator dongle will help. They look about the size of USB flash drives, but have HDMI or DisplayPort connectors. The intent is to pretend to be a monitor so that the internal video stays working.

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GRUB issue…

May I, snarkily, suggest a switch to CORE as a much less painful alternative to trying to fix GRUB?

It’ll just sit on the Grub screen regardless if a keyboard and monitor are plugged in or not when rebooting.

I already planned on building a new hypervisor soon so I can migrate my apps running on TrueNAS to their own VM/docker container. Once I do that I’ll try moving to CORE.

Thanks for the input guys.