System Update Train selection should include version number next to the codenames in description

If I go to system update in truenas I need to switch trains before I can actually get an update.
When I do, it gives me a drop down selection

This is very unclear and requires manual research to see the order of the codenames. From the RC next to Dragonfish I can tell it is a Release Candidate. Meaning it is the newest.

But between Bluefin and Cobia which is newer? the answer is Cobia
but I had to go search for both to find out that bluefin official version number was 22.12.0 and that cobia is 23.10

Instead of saying
TrueNAS-SCALE-Cobia - TrueNAS SCALE Cobia [release]
it should say
TrueNAS-SCALE-Cobia - TrueNAS SCALE Cobia [release] (23.10)

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Well IF you happened to know that codenames are allocated alphabetically, then you could probably work out that Bluefin was an earlier version than Cobia, but you obviously were not aware of that. Conversely, you happen to know that RC stands for Release Candidate, but many people won’t know that. The answer is to be explicit i.e.

TrueNAS-SCALE-Bluefin v22.12.0 [release]
TrueNAS-SCALE-Cobia v23.10.3 [release]
TrueNAS-SCALE-Dragonfish-RC v24.4.0 [release candidate]

Good points. not everyone knows what RC means.
So your suggested format is even better