Tailscale (App on 23.10.2) can't get past "Deploying" . Tailscale stuck at deploying

Greettings, I’m new and I apologize if I am in error posting this.
I’m not sure where to copy any code from, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
–App Version: 1.64.2, Chart Version: 1.0.38–

I do not have any problems with any other app(s) install on TrueNAS Scale 23.10.2
I have tried deleting, reinstalling, moving the pool, etc.

Intel Xeon 1245V2, ASRock Z77Mobo, 32GB Ram, 4x4TB HDD, 1x120SSD, 2.5Gb NIC intel i225-V

The logs from the Tailscale container will tell you what your error is, I’d post those, your config screenshots, and your Kubernetes History (events) and someone can help you

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Thank you. Would you tell me if this will be of use? I can’t seem to edit and/or add to the original post.

I’ve seen this error before, see the Issue on the TrueNAS GitHub page → Tailscale not installing and stuck in "deploying" status · Issue #1874 · truenas/charts · GitHub

Maybe login with root as opposed to admin and try again

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