The webdav app

Greetings. I’m using the webdav application on my TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2 and it functions quite well but, I’m not satisfied with the logging. There is no access log. I’ve poked around with the user shell and I have no permissions or tools in the shell to modify the config to get an access log. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this? Maybe a feature request to the webdav maintainer?

Why would I want an access log you might ask? I want one for security reasons as I’m using the webdav app so that I might use my NAS as my cloud for various types of private data. I’ve secured the webdav app to support https encryption and authenticated access only but, I want an access log that I may use to alert me to any unauthorized access attempts.

If the base image, the app uses doesn’t have this functionality you’d have to make a feature request with the maintainer of the image.

I was trying to create a Jira ticket for this but, I didn’t have any luck with that, no permissions.

Anyway, I’ve looked at the httpd.config and both the CustomLog and ErrorLog are pointed at /proc/self/fd/1 and /proc/self/fd/2 respectively. I presume this is so that you may show logs in the App UI. The problem with this is #1, the CustomLog doesn’t log at all because this required module is not loaded and needs to be loaded in httpd.conf using:

LoadModule log_config_module /usr/local/libexec/apache24/

#2 having the logs pointed at /proc/self/fd/* doesn’t work for me as there is no log history that may be easily scanned by security scripts. I’d much prefer that these logs are to files on an exported volume so that I might scan them with scripts.

If someone could help me to create an issue/feature request, I’ll put in the ticket. I do have a working apache24 webdav application running on a VM with the logging working as I think it should so, I’ll use it for now. I just think that fixing the WebDAV app might benefit other users of it.

I believe you can report an isue here: Issues · truenas/charts · GitHub, I have before.

Understanding, these are community maintained apps.

Thanks for the suggestion but, I don’t think the WebDav app is from TrueCharts but is from the TrueNAS set of apps.

That isn’t Truecharts, it’s the official catalog