"This site can't be reached" web ui not running?

The browser is showing “This site can’t be reached”. The vm TrueNAS is running on can ping other devices and I can ping the vm at, so the bridge is working.

I don’t see any ports in LISTEN mode with netstat -tunlp.

Running service middlewared restart:

Failed to restart middlewared.service: Unit middlewared.service not found.

Running service --status-all:

[ + ] etc-setserial
[ - ] hwclock.sh
[ + ] kmod
[ - ] live-tools
[ - ] rsync
[ - ] setserial
[ - ] udev
[ - ] uuidd
[ - ] zfs-import
[ - ] zfs-load-key
[ + ] zfs-mount
[ + ] zfs-zed

Also ran the docker UI, pointing to the vm with no luck docker container run -it -e TNIP= -p 8080:80 ixsystems/truenas-webui:10157

It seems to me that the webserver is not running? Please help

cat /etc/version shows

It might be worth noting that this is a fresh, successful, install. I haven’t seen the setup procedure after the first reboot and I’m always greeted with this version of the console setup (even though I successfully installed)

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 5.19.28 PM

Solved! My boot order for the vm was set to the ISO image first. Disabling the bootable media fixed the issue. See this discussion in proxmox forums

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