Time for a hardware upgrade on old Storinator

A few years ago I picked up an old, 2011-era, Backblaze 45-bay Storinator for chia farming. It was green too! (See image)

It made for a great cheap little NAS with a lot of storage. As I added drives the boot time became longer and longer, sometimes 45 minutes, until I started getting errors and the system would not always boot properly. So I think the hardware is just too old for my needs. I am looking for recommendations on a reasonably priced upgrade for the motherboard, CPU, and memory.

TrueNAS Core to boot quickly < 10 minutes,
Host 45 drives 18-20 TB each 800-900TB
9 backplanes connect via 9 sata cables to 3 HBA cards
Looking for a low cost upgrade.
Mobo with 4 dimm slots, (4) 1x4 PCIe for hba cards and 2.5GB NIC, (2) 1x16 PCIE for GPU(S)

Current Specs
Mobo: Supermicro X9SCL-+F
CPU: Intel i3-2100 @3.1GHz
Memory: 4X Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G 16GB
HBA cards: 3X SY-PEX40008

The memory is double what it started with and I tried to install a faster CPU but that did not play well with the PCI mappings and I lost my HBA cards, so I think I just need to start with a new build and a new motherboard.


Over 800 TB :scream: With three 9305-16i HBAs and pasive backplanes? :scream:

You probably need a lot more than 64 GB RAM to handle the metadata, and these HBAs could do with more than 4 PCIe lanes. I’d suggest a second-hand X11SPL (or other 1st/2nd gen. Xeon Scalable) with plenty of (L)RDIMM.

Yes, I know, I am crazy. I like to make my hardware suffer.

Even used those X11SPLs are $400+ I am trying to stay <$300 total