Time Machine Setup

I have installe TrueNas Scale and trying to setup Time Machine for our home Macs but am really struggling. I have searched and search but can only find bits of information and they dont seem to work. I have checked the Truenas documents and reddit etc but cants seem to get it to work, can anyone give me any tips please?

Did you enable Time Machine under the dataset entries when you created the dataset. You may have to enable advanced features. I suggest you also enable the extended Apple / MacOs file name compatibility check box.

Perhaps @awalkerix can help here?

Thanks Constantin, yes tried that and multiple other things but can’t seem to get it to work. It am convinced though it’s something im doing or not doing lol.

I would have thought this is something simple to set up.


Did you read the manual? Seems fairly easy.

Adding a Basic Time Machine SMB Share | TrueNAS Documentation Hub

Yeah I check that and others but every time I goto Time Machine on my Mac it does not show up, have deleted the settings multiple times and re done but no luck, im sure its something I have missed but cant think what.

Have you made a backup?

I mean, I guess I don’t really understand by what you mean by “into time machine and does not show up”.

Sorry maybe that was not very clear. If I goto Time Machine I can not see a drive available to setup.

managed to work it out, I needed to connect to the nas on my Mac, schoolboy error lol and should have known.

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