Trouble accessing smb share remotely via wireguard vpn

The Problem i have here is that on my windows 10 machines, remotely i cant access smb via file explorer and transfer files like that, on my android phone it does it no problem and i can access the local network no problem. i have been all over the internet about it and i just dont know enough about networking and all i want is the vpn to route to my local network for file sharing.

You have given us no info on how you’re trying to connect the NAS to your Windows machine - i.e. how the WireGuard network is set up. Also, do you have BGP or like services enabled to announce the NAS to the Windows machine? Etc. We need more detail re: how this network is set up than “it works on my android phone but not windows 10”. Sorry!

Sorry about that i’m new with this networking stuff and just used my nas box for a plex server/file server mostly and until recently i wanted to use a vpn to access my local network remotely, basically i have installed wireguard and using pihole as the dns server, i have put the ip address for pihole in the dns settings in my router and from my knowledge i think i have setup wireguard with its default settings, the dns in the wireguard settings is my pihole’s ip and everything is default i think. when im not at home or on a seperate network (mobile data) i try and access my truenas machine via file explorer and it doesnt show up at all, i try and ping the hostname in command prompt on the windows machine and it says the hostname doesnt exsist, but when i ping via ip it shows a responce. my ip of the wireguard vpn is and the local network i want it to access is which is the ip of my server. my android phone for some reason knows that my server is there but all of my windows machines doesnt. thats the problem im having which im just stuggling to explain since i dont really know whats going on.