Truechart Jellyfin in endeless deplaying loop

No container is create, never fail never deploy always deploying.


Are you using a nvidia gpu for transcoding? sometimes the nvidia k3s pod crashes and then jellyfin cant allocate a gpu to the app and therefore is stuck in deploying?
Have you tried a force refresh of the apps page with shift+f5? the gui caches some stuff and can show the app as deploying even though it’s already started.

If both of the above mentioned is false go directly to the truecharts discord for help.

I see that only app from treunas are running but apps from truecharts are deploying

Same issue, apps from the default catalogue are deploying, anything frim truecharts is stuck at deploying forever. No additional hardware added, all default settings.

Did you already make the migration as described on their homepage?
With dragonfish iX removed the open ebs storage provider that truecharts uses to provide the pvc storage. They’ve implemented their own open ebs solution via an app, but you have to migrate the existing pvc from the old in-build driver to the one they provide.
But even without the migration, my 30 truecharts apps started normally after updating from cobia to dragonfish.

See Dragonfish Migration guide for further information.

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Anything pre-installed from 23.10 or before will work, but if new apps, you’ll need to follow the migration guide, since iX-systems removed openEBS as mentionned above

The workload logs generally will give you a big hint as to why. If you can’t get it to work by the other advice, post that log.