Truecommand 3.0

Does truecommand 3.0 still supports clustering?
If yes, which versions?
I maked few tries to cluster nodes truenas TrueNAS SCALE 23.10.2 and always unsuccessful.
Which versions are tested?

iX gave up on clustering and will be transitioning to Docker, see announcement:

It remains to be seen if Docker Swarm will be an option, but Kubernetes Clustering will never be realized by iX, despite their marketing of SCALE leaning HEAVILY on clustering.

These are two very distinct changes. As noted in the release notes for TC 3.0:

The experimental clustering feature is deprecated and scheduled for removal in a future TrueCommand version.

TrueCommand 3.0 has not passed validation for Clustering and that feature is expected to be highly unstable in this release. With the current unmaintained state of the upstream Gluster project, consider this functionality deprecated. The clustering feature is scheduled for removal in a future TrueCommand revision.

…and the SCALE 24.04 release notes:

TrueNAS SCALE 24.04 (Dragonfish) no longer includes the deprecated gluster component. Systems installed with 24.04 cannot be used in experimental TrueCommand clusters. Community users that experimented with this now-deprecated TrueCommand feature need to migrate any data from the TrueCommand cluster and delete it before upgrading any clustered SCALE systems to 24.04.

This change doesn’t, directly, have anything to do with apps. But clustering is apparently a large part of why SCALE used k3s for apps, and clustering is now dead, so now iX have decided to throw out the k3s-based apps ecosystem in favor of a Compose-based one which will come out with SCALE 24.10 (Electric Eel).

Thanks for restating what I did with greater precision. iX has abandoned clustering is the main take away.


To be fair, redhat abandoned gluster first, and gluster was the core technology the clustering was based on.

You could say it’s a bit of a Gluster Fsck

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I don’t think I’ve seen any indication that it will be.

I haven’t played with swarm, although I have read a bit about it.

It seems to me that if a modern docker engine is installed, then the truenas node can be a controller/worker in a docker swarm.

Which seems promising.