TrueNAS 13 on SuperMicro SuperServer 1029P-N32R

I have a TrueNAS 13 server that has been running for 550 days. We had nvd12 drive fail with in TrueNAS and we purchased a replacement. When we swapped the drive the process of ejecting and inserting via IPMI did not work as expected. The insert option under IPMI failed several times but the drive was presented to TrueNAS after a time so I chose the replace option for the named nvd12 drive. After the drive was imported and the resilvering process was completed the removed drive was still showing as removed and nvd20 was replaced with nvd12. When looking at diskinfo for /dev/nvd12 it now points to nvme20. But when pulling nvme20 or the drive in slot 20 of the chassis nvme12 is removed now.

My question is, short of a reboot, is there a way to rescan the chassis to force the bios to present the drive to the OS?

As I was reading your posting my mind kept saying, reboot.

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But core doesn’t support hot plug nvme does it?

Thought that was a Linux/scale feature.

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Good point. But there are people who would do it. I ALWAYS power off before replacing anything.


Never hot plug pci slots or m.2!

Shouldn’t hot plug sata either, unless you have a hot plug backplane (look for the capacitors)