TrueNAS Can Ping DNS but Not Websites

Receiving this error when I attempt to check for updates.

I went into the shell and am able to ping DNS successfully (,, and my gateway successfully. However when I try to ping or it errors out. Same with Nslookup.


I have no problems pulling up google and accessing the internet with other tablets, phones and computers on this network.

Any advice or help here would be greatly appreciated.

I would check truenas network settings and maybe post them here, more info = better usually. And what kind of network card. Don’t have an answer off hand. I’d be curious what this says (the results):

dig @

I wonder why it’s called Quad9? :sweat_smile:

Here is the Network Page:

And Interface Editing Page for good measure:

dig results here:


Still pretty confused on this one but I appreciate the look.

Well, confused also, see nothing wrong there (other than the failed DNS query of course). What is Truenas connected to, a fancy switch with vlans and such, a simple switch, what connects to the internet, etc.? You didn’t load any of your own firewalls or have an appliance or something that directs/limits traffic, etc? I am not using Dragonfish so not sure what network stuff may have been changed either.

I presume the blanked out local ip is some private LAN address on your network? And your hidden default route, what does that point to?

Ok so I figured it out. I pointed the first nameserver at the default gateway instead of an external DNS. Up and running now.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

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Its funny actually. You redacted the only bits of information we actually would’ve cared about.

And that information, if it’s a private network address (192.168, 10., 172. etc) is not really a secret.