TrueNAS Core 13.3 update train not available

We assisted in the upgrade of a unit that was running FreeNAS 11.2. We assisted in upgrading it to TrueNAS 13.3. We did this by downloading each update from the downloads archive and manually installing them. After applying the last update which took us to TrueNAS 13.3 we no longer have the Core train available. Everything is Scale, shown below.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

13.3 is still pre-release and what you’re seeing is probably fallout from that fact.


And it’s not recommended to update to nightly releases in production systems, but you can download the nightlies from here

We didn’t realize it was pre-production when upgrading but thank you for your response.

iirc once you hop on nightlies you have to manually switch back to production releases. Manually as manually updating.

13.0-U.6.1 is the latest stable release. 13.3-BETA.1 is scheduled for release next month.