Truenas Core boot from usb

I’m booting Truenas Core from a Sandisk Ultra fit usb stick. I recently did a little maintenance on the nas, replacing a few fans and since I’ve had a notification a while ago regarding boot pool degradation I figured I’d replace the thumb drive as well. I tried using dd to copy the entire contents from the old 16 GB stick to a brand new 128Gb Sandisk Ultra fit, but the nas refuses to boot using the new one. What’s the correct way of doing this?

Export configuration, perform a fresh install, re-import configuration.

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Will all my jails work after that?

Everything is supposed to work just like before. That’s the point of the configuration export and re-import. Bugs in the system notwithstanding.

But you can always switch back to the old USB drive just in case, right?

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

One more question. Do I have to install the new drive on the nas itself or can I do that on my desktop?

If the desktop uses the same boot method (UEFI vs. legacy) as the NAS, you can use your desktop.

Or pull/unplug all storage disks from your NAS during installation to be sure.