TrueNAS CORE snapshot rollback of jail failed

So yesterday I updated my meshcentral installation, found a bug, and was going to revert back.

  1. All my necessary data is mounted outside the jail, but there is one fielder called node-modules that gets updated inside the jail that is not mounted. When doing an update, that folder is essentially replaced.

  2. I did a snapshot rollback of the jails main dataset, and everything went back except for the node-modules folder, which stayed current. I even checked the date on the files, and they read April the 17th as the date created instead of the 16th like all the rest.

Is there any reason that folder would not roll back?

Rollback of a snapshot isn’t recursive, in the event you were trying to rollback child dataset.
Rollback of jail used to work and I don’t expect any change there.
Did you try to rollback the jail dataset while the jail is running? If so, you need to stop the jail and proceed with the rollback.

It was not a child dataset.

No I did not stop the jail.

Maybe I’ll try it again.

I have been spending some time today dealing with a jail update and I was also not able to rollback as the files inside the jail where the latest and should have reverted state.
What needs to be done is rollback the jail root dataset:

From @winnielinnie 's post:

Did you try rolling back the jail’s dataset or the root dataset of the jail’s filesystem?


  • mypool/iocage/jails/qbittorrent <— (does not contain the jail’s filesystem)
  • mypool/iocage/jails/qbittorrent/root <— (this is likely what you meant to rollback)
    And the jail must be stopped as well.
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