Truenas Dragonfish-24.04.0 cannot shut down

After updating, and when shutting down from the UI, all the lights and fans are still spinning on the PC, Pcie expansion led also does not turn off.

Please help

Can you still reach it via GUI or maybe ping it?

Are you able to see any output in console that might indicate something hanging? If you’re able to can you post an image/screenshot of the console output?

Can you please tell me how to see the console ouput?

Connecting any video out (HDMI,DP,VGA,DVI, etc) to a display should be enough to get a display with console logs that you can take a look at. It may be that you have a process or service stuck trying to stop.

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Is there any way to do it without the VGA? like inside the UI logs or something?

When switching it off, I cannot ping the server and all NAS mapped also stopped.

Probably you have the same issue as myself: middleware does not stop and it has to be forced/timed out.

It takes an additional 3+ minutes to shutdown/restart.

I had to rollback to Cobia as I’m having multiple issues with this release.

Hopefully .1 would be better.

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I updated to Dragonfish-, it still does not shut down.

How can I share logs from the web UI?